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The Gospel Project – Sunday Morning Children’s Ministry

The Gospel Project  is a Christ centered, three year chronological journey that teaches the children the redemption story through the whole Bible.  Beginning with Genesis and ending in Revelation, your kids will see the Gospel story develop and be told in pictures, hear a master story teller in video segments and will use a timeline map to visualize how the Gospel weaves throughout the Bible over the next three years.


We welcome all babies up to 2 years old in our church nursery. Our goal is to provide a safe, clean and loving environment for all the children we are privileged to have in our care. We have a rotation of wonderful women happy to serve and be a blessing to your young ones. Pagers are available for you to be called out of the service if your child should need your immediate attention. There is also a viewing window provided for you to check on your baby at any time.

Sunday Morning Children’s Programs

8:45 am – Children’s Church

In this hour, children meet in two groups.  Ages 2 – 4 (room 103) and Kinder thru 5th grades (room 105).

During this hour we teach the Gospel Project in a broader context with an emphasis on worship.  Class starts at 9:00 a.m.  We start off as a large group for the first half and then we separate out the Kinder-2nd Grade into their own classroom for a smaller group application.

10:30 am –  Sunday School Classes

In this hour, the children are in separated classes according to age or grade.  We teach the Gospel Project in a more in depth study with practical application.  Class begins at 10:30.

Listed below are the grades and locations for your children:

  • Room 103: 2-3yrs
  • Room 110: 4 year olds and Kindergarten
  • Room 111: 1st-2nd Grade
  • Room 105: 3rd-5th Grade

For more information about Children’s Ministries, please contact Pastor Scott Bess  at 238-4419. All children need to be registered for our Sunday program.




Our new computerized check-in system is a vital part of our commitment to keep all children at FBC safe. It’s designed to be simpler and to speed up the process of securely dropping off your children to Sunday school, so you can get to church and enjoy the worship service.

  • Go to the Family Check-in Center in the center courtyard.

There you will be greeted by a registration helper. Please do not take your child directly to their classroom.


  • If you are a GUEST, or have not attended in a while, you will be asked your last name to begin check-in. After locating your family information on the computer, the attendant will confirm the age-group, and check your kids into their classes.

The computer will print one nametag per child (two if in nursery for the diaper bag) and one check-out receipt per family if they are 2nd grade and below.

Before leaving the check-in center, place the name tag on your child. It will need to remain on your child for the duration of their time in Sunday school.

Then take your children to their classroom. If you need help finding a classroom, please let your check-in attendant know.

Check-in is complete – go enjoy the worship service.

  • If you are REGULAR ATTENDER, we have an iPad that can be used to expedite your check-in process. Just type in your phone number and then choose which child/children you will be checking in.  Once hitting the check-in button the nametags will be printed.
  • Please keep your check-out receipt (2nd Grade and below) in order to pick up your child after church. The classroom leader will match the security code on the receipt to the one on your child’s nametag. At this point, you will have completed check-out.


If you have other questions, call Pastor Scott at (805) 238-4410 or at



 Q: What if I lose or misplace my check-out receipt? 
A: Simply return to the Check-in Center.  After we verify your identity, we will print you another check-out receipt.

Q: What if I am a first-time guest and not in the computer system? 
A: You will be asked for your full name, phone number, and email address. Then you will be asked to provide each child’s first name and birth date.  We require birth dates in order to place your child in the appropriate age-group or grade-level.

Q: Will there ever be self check-in?
A: Yes! We have one ipad that is utilized for self check-in each Sunday where you can check-in your children using your 10-digit phone number.

Q: Will there ever be check-in at individual classrooms?
A: Not on Sunday mornings.  Our goal is to check in every child at our central Check-in Center.  Eventually, we will use check-in for all our Children’s Ministry events, and a small portion of those will have check-in at the individual classrooms.  It will be made clear for each event where check-in will take place.

Q: What if I don’t want my 3th-5th grader to be dismissed after service? 
A: If you have a child in 3rd-5th grade, they will be dismissed on their own unless you tell us otherwise.  When you check in your child, please let the classroom leader know you would like your child to stay in the classroom until you pick them up.

Q: What if the teacher needs to contact me during the service?

A: By providing your phone number we will text you if for some reason you need to come and attend to your child.














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